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July 2022


By Shengwei Guan 10 months ago 675 Views No comments

Our popular Mystery bundles are now available for Disposable Vape kit, offering 3 portable devices in a range of flavors and high puff counts for you to try! Each of the 3 Disposable Vape kits is guaranteed to be at least 1500+ puffs with classic draw-activated firing and lightweight designs. Of course, the taste inside is also unknown. It may be strawberry, grape, mint, cola, rum, etc! Which will you get? It's an adorable surprise!

VAAL 1600C Rechargeable&Replaceable Disposable Review

By Shengwei Guan 10 months ago 795 Views No comments

When I first opened the delivery box VAAL 1600C came, I was intrigued by its attractive appearance. I'd gotten into the habit of palming whatever vividly colored pink or baby blue light-up disposable I was vaping. I was unsure about the several color options before placing my order. It was always a challenging procedure until I saw the Rush Ice, which reminded me of the last summer's voyage on the Destin. Hit is vital, the flavor is crucial, and now that I have a Vaal Max, I must admit that looks are important as well! Let alone its ideal size for my palms. Kindly remind that someone is complaining about it's a small size for them, so it’s up to you at this time.

VAAL EP4500 Rechargeable Disposable 4500 Puffs Review

By Shengwei Guan 11 months ago 1176 Views No comments

The VAAL is popular brand many of the regular disposables you find on the market. Although it retains the same simplicity and elegance, it also has a rechargeable feature and a VAAL EP450 puff count. In addition to that, you also get to choose from an assortment of delicious flavors all infused with salt nicotine so you can keep your nicotine cravings at bay for a long time.

Which Disposable Vapes Have 5000 puffs

By Michael luo 11 months ago 419 Views No comments

Disposable vape pens still function in the same way, which is to be used until the pre-filled vape juice depletes or the battery dies. Most are draw-activated (some may also have a button)

so they are the simplest forms of vapes, just remove the packaging and start vaping. Then when the battery life is depleted, dispose of them in the nearest recycled waste for electronics.

Which Disposable Vapes Have 5000 Hits? I have some suggestions for you.

VAAL 4500M Rechargeable Disposable Kit 4500 Puffs Review

By Michael luo 11 months ago 796 Views No comments

VAAL Vape has designed the VAAL 4500M Rechargeable Disposable Kit that is unique in that it is not only available in a variety of flavours, but it is also one of the first rechargeable disposables, enabling you to squeeze out every last drop of e-liquid before moving on to the next one.

VAAL Vape are constantly in competition with one another for market share — that’s just how it goes. However, nowhere is this competition more apparent than with disposable vapes. Companies are constantly pushing out bigger disposables packed with bigger batteries and filled with more ejuice than the next guy.

Well, if ejuice size is how you measure the worth of a disposable then boy do I have news for you. There’s a new disposable vape in town and it comes with the largest amount of ejuice that I have ever seen. It’s appropriately named too,

The VAAL Vape is an absolutely huge disposable that comes pre-filled with 16ml of ejuice. No, that’s not a typo. 10ml of ejuice. In a single disposable. VAAL Vape is rechargeable and also features airflow control. These contain tobacco-free nicotine and come in pre-filled e-liquid and 5% (50mg) nicotine strength.

Straw Disposable Vape 3000 Puffs review

By Shengwei Guan 11 months ago 705 Views No comments

The Straw Disposable vape is the flagship product of one of the newest entrants into the vaping scene – Straw Vapor. The device was designed with a focus on comfort, class, and convenience in mind. Since its introduction, the Straw Disposable vape has become a best-selling product, loved by novice and experienced vapers alike. The stellar performance, outstanding flavors, and longevity it provides makes it one of the best disposable vapes available today. It is impossible to go wrong with this device, here is why?

​Fogfun 3300 Puffs Rechargeable Disposable vape Review

By Michael luo 11 months ago 357 Views No comments

The Fogfun Rechargeable Disposable Vape is a bit off from the look of your traditional disposable vape. It’s more compact, wider, and has a rectangle shape with rounded corners, giving you total comfort in the palm of your hand. Despite its small size, it can definitely pack a punch, as it utilizes its entire space for your vaping pleasure.

The device houses a 850mAh battery that delivers long-lasting vape sessions. To combine with it, the manufacturers of the device allotted enough room for an 8mL vape juice capacity, which resulted in a massive 3000 puff count. When you pair this with a draw-activated firing mechanism, you are left with the most pleasing experience. None of this is enticing to you, however, without the most pleasing flavor experience to equally match it all. And, that is the next part of our review, the flavors.

HYPPE Max Flow Disposable 2000 Puffs review

By Michael luo 11 months ago 353 Views No comments

Nowadays, There are a lot of disposable vapes on the market, but we found that The HYPPE Max Flow Disposable 2000 Puffs that excels in durability, safety, portability, value and great taste.Simple to use, the HYPPE Max Flow Disposable 2000 Puffs comes pre-filled with 5% (50mg) nicotine, tobacco-free e-liquid. The large 900mAh internal battery needs no charging, and will last you for more than 2000 puffs!

simplicity has definitely taken over, and with that, disposable devices of all shapes and sizes. Afterall, it’s much easier to carry a simple and compact device around to enjoy vaping on the go, rather than lugging a hefty mod or tank. If you also want to enjoy your vaping away from home, on the train, or wherever you feel like it, then the the HYPPE Max Flow Disposable 2000 Puffs was designed specially for you. It not only presents a delicious mix of flavors to spice up your everyday commute, but also sports a generous battery to make sure you don’t run out of power when you least expect it.

Hyde Edge Recharge 3300 Puffs Disposable Kit Review

By Shengwei Guan 11 months ago 359 Views No comments

The Hyde Edge Recharge 3300 Puffs is a disposable vaporizer with a huge builted in 600mAh battery, and a large vape juice. It can deliver up to 3300 puffs before you’ll need to throw itout. The device was created for vapers who want more from disposables. The device has an aesthetically appealing appearance and it is quite durable, ensuring that it can withstand wear and tear for the duration of your use.

This new rendition now offers adjustable airflow via the sliding switch on the bottom of the device.This disposable boasts a large 10ml vape juice capacity and suits your vaping experience with its 5% nicotine strength. With this device, you can expert up to 3300 puffs.