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October 2022

Eleaf IORE Prime Review: A Device That Misses the Mark

By Shengwei Guan 7 months ago 350 Views No comments

The IORE Prime could have been a great device, but there are a couple flaws that will keep me from recommending it. To start with the positives, it has a nice design, it’s very easy to get started with, and it has a nice range of airflow adjustment for loose MTL vapers. The battery life is also not too shabby, but those are all of the major pros to this device.

As for the cons, there are many. The build quality of the panels is questionable at best, with my unit having lifting panels from day one. The pod also does not sit quite right, forcing you to readjust the pod and ensure that it’s seated correctly every time that you take it out of your pocket. Finally, it only comes with one pod and my one pod started to taste burnt and lose flavor after only 10ml of ejuice.

I can only hope that Eleaf makes some major changes to the IORE Prime or its successor because that’s the only way that I can see a redeeming path for this device.

Disposable Vape Review in 2022

By Shengwei Guan 8 months ago 325 Views No comments

It goes without saying that disposable vapes will be common in 2022. These pre-charged and pre-filled vaping devices have captured the hearts of many thanks to their diminutive size, simple design, and wide range of flavor selections.

The search for the greatest disposable vapes never ends from the brand's perspective. Because of this, we have witnessed constant advancements in this modest product throughout time. Existing disposables include larger batteries, stronger coils, and more e-liquid; some even manage to produce more wattage. The common objective of all these upgrades is improved performance and more puffs.

We can't stress enough how strongly we suggest disposables if you're searching for a solution to assist you make the switch to vaping quickly and easily. The greatest disposable vapes of 2022 are all listed in this post, and they all feature strong tastes and lots of puffs. Enjoy your hassle-free voyage in search of Myvapor’s hot products!