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How to repair a Broken E Cigarette

By Michael luo 8 months ago 369 Views No comments

The atomizer is a fundamental system which allows to heat the e-liquid, in order to create the vapor which will be inhaled. It is the functional unit of the electronic cigarette, in case of degradation of the atomizer, your vaping tool would be unproductive. It is therefore crucial that you fix it. Find here some explanations on how to repair the atomizer of an electronic cigarette.

How to change the resistance of the atomizer

Resistance is the component of the atomizer that generates heat, it is essentially a network surrounded by threads which are in turn covered with cotton or silica fibers. The wire absorbs the e-liquid which is gradually sent to the resistance. The latter thus subjects it to a high temperature, finally it is from this mechanism that the steam comes.

To replace this resistance, you must screw the new one into the clearomizer and close the air flow. Be sure to do this while soaking the cotton fiber by hand in liquid. Then, fill your tank with the e-liquid of your choice. Without activating the mod, pull your drip tip (the mouthpiece) until you hear a rattle. From then on, you can vape with complete peace of mind. In addition, if something goes wrong, you can always buy an electronic cigarette on www.cigaretteelec.fr.

How do I know if I should change the atomizer of the electronic cigarette?

Unlike most parts of the e-cigarette, a residence cannot be cleaned regularly at the risk of damaging it. Indeed, it changes according to the signs announcing its degradation. Your clearomizer must be changed as soon as you notice that the vapor is no longer as dense as before. It would be the presence of grime in the latter preventing the liquid from reaching the resistance. The latter would therefore be less effective.

In addition, the first sign that tells you that you need to change this component is the taste of your e-liquid. If you experience a loss of the usual flavor or a burnt taste, your coil is damaged. It is therefore time to think about renewing your atomizer. Finally, often check the condition of the resistance of your atomizer. If it turns black, this is an obvious sign to replace it. This black deposit usually damages the resistance.

How to maintain this atomizer so as not to have to repair it?

For optimal maintenance, please perform a complete cleaning as soon as you change the e-liquid or the coil. Unscrew the mouthpiece, the pyrex glass and the resistance which will be washed thoroughly for good durability of the atomizer.

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