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Joyetech WideWick 12W Pod System Kit 2ml— affordable pod vape

By Shengwei Guan 4 months ago 162 Views No comments

The WideWick 12W Pod System manufactured by Joyetech is an affordable vaping kit with high performance ratio and good quality. Users can get a complete kit of Joyetech WideWick Pod System including Joyetech WideWick Pod, Battery, Warranty Card and User Manual after purchasing, so users no longer need to purchase electronic cigarette accessories by themselves, and can use them immediately when they get them. In addition, Joyetech WideWick 12W Pod System is a new type of vape that adopts the exclusive innovative WideWick technology, which ensures the pure taste and remains leak ultra leak resistant of vapes.

Joyetech WideWick 12W Pod System Kit 2ml


In order to improve the taste stimulation experience of e-cigarette users, Joyetech also thoughtfully designed two two airflow inlets featured on both sides of WideWick Pod System, so that this vape product can better realize MTL Vaping, so that the smoke can be fully tasted. Therefore, when you feel bored or depressed, Joyetech WideWick 12W Pod System can be your decompression favouriotes. It must be mentioned that the Joyetech WideWick 12W Pod System Kit 2ml is a 99% adaptability vape.

In terms of age of vape users, it suits both the fashionable tastes of young people and it’s also suitable for the low-key style of mature people. At the same time, it is not only suitable for use during travel and vacation, but also suitable for use during business trip or work. It is stylish and low-key. Due to its light and compact shape, it can be easily accommodated even in a clothes pocket.


Size: 23.5mm * 12.5mm * 113mm
Battery Capacity: 800mah
Pod Capacity: 2ml
Coil Resistance: 1.2ohm
Filling Hole Diameter: 3.2mm
Output Wattage: 9-12W
Charging Current: 5V/0.5A (USB-C)
Package: Gift Box


Joyetech WideWick 12W Pod System is an affordable vape product full of Joyetech's exquisite, high-end, service-oriented design concept,which meets the multiple needs of users for vaping. The smooth appearance makes them fall in love at first sight, and the delicate interior makes them completely fall into the charm of the WideWick Pod System.


Joyetech WideWick 12W Pod System has a built-in 800mAh battery with a maximum output power of up to 12W, which effectively prolongs the service life and standby time. At the same time, in order to improve the durability of vape and promote the development of environmental protection, vape is equipped with a 5V/0.5A USB Type C port to help you store power again after the vape is exhausted.

Open System

As a pod vape, there is an open system, and you can refill the pod yourself when the e-liquid is used up, and you can fill up to 2ml of e-liquid at a time. The operation is also very simple, you only need to pick up the mouthpiece along the direction, even the new hand can quickly get started with the operation without worrying about making mistakes.

Quick Re-wick system

With the quick wake-up system, vape users can realize the quick operation of inhaling directly without secondary operations. The WideWick wicking system can achieve a remarkable effect of rapid heating in a short time, replacing the redundant operation of controlling the vape heating by adjusting the button, you can directly inhale the smoke through the mouthpiece.

Fashion Appearance

In order to meet various needs, Joyetech WideWick 12W Pod System has a variety of colors for you to choose from. Black is simple, inclusive and suitable for everyone. Red is mysterious and elegant, while Dark Blue is advanced and professional at the same time. Romantic Purple is lovely and lively, Sky Blue is pure, Metallic Gray is elegant and imposing, and Metallic Blue is cool and interesting. As long as it is the style you want, Joyetech WideWick 12W Pod System can provide it for you.

Joyetech WideWick 12W Pod System Kit 2ml


If you want an advanced yet innovative, light and affordable pod vape, no need to hesitate, Joyetech WideWick 12W Pod System Kit 2ml will be a good choice. Whether you want to give it as a gift or for your own use, it can meet your wishes. Compared with the pod vape of the same type, Joyetech WideWick stands out with perfect performance, attractive price, stylish appearance, perfect service and superior quality. You can buy it at Myvaporus for only at $11.99.

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