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Six vape tips tricks for you

By Michael luo 9 months ago 328 Views No comments

Here are seven top tips for making sure you get the most out of your vaping experience:

How Choose the right device

For starters, you should choose the right vape for your needs. Generally speaking, you'll come across three main types of cannabis vapes: dry herb vaporizers, oil pens and dab pens.

Dry herb devices vaporize cannabis flower, making them the closest experience to smoking cannabis. They maximize the whole-plant entourage effect and provide the full terpene flavor profile of cannabis.

But they also require more setup. You'll need to grind the cannabis evenly and pack the chamber tightly while still leaving room for airflow. To get the best taste and richest vapor, it’s best to use fresh flower that’s neither too moist nor too dryOil pens use a replaceable or refillable cartridge filled with distillate oil. They’re easier to use and more compact, making them a better on-the-go option.