WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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VAAL 1600C Rechargeable&Replaceable Disposable Review

By Shengwei Guan 1 years ago 850 Views No comments

When I first opened the delivery box VAAL 1600C came in, I was intrigued by its attractive appearance. I'd gotten into the habit of palming whatever vividly colored pink or baby blue light-up disposable I was vaping. I was unsure about the several color options before placing my order. It was always a challenging procedure until I saw the Rush Ice, which reminded me of the last summer's voyage on the Destin. Hit is vital, the flavor is crucial, and now that I have a Vaal Max, I must admit that looks are important as well! Let alone its ideal size for my palms. Kindly remind that someone is complaining about it's a small size for them, so it’s up to you at this time.

VAAL 1600C Rechargeable&Replaceable Disposable 1600 Puffs

Despite its small size, VAAL 1600C Rechargeable Disposable measures 23mm by 94mm and features an 850mAh inbuilt battery. You can vape all day depending on the amount of charge it holds and a USB-C port. VAAL 1600C Rechargeable Disposable is a replaceable and rechargeable device with a large 4.5ml vape juice capacity with nicotine strengths of 5%, 3%in a range of flavors. Each device can provide you with approximately 1600 puffs. It's not an exaggeration to suggest that VAAL 1600C is the greatest option for you. In comparison to other disposable and pod kits, this disposable has a split-type construction, so expect both tastes of puffs and reusability. It stands out at any event by providing the most inexpensive price for the most premium sessions.



850mAh Integrated Battery
Replaceable And Rechargeable
4.5ml Vape Juice Capacity (replaceable)
5% / 50mg Salt Nicotine
Approximate 1600 Puffs
Striking And Ultra-portable
Coil resistance 1.2ohm

What surprised me most is VAAL 1600C Dispoable’s great convenience. Unlike most other vaping devices on the market, It's a replaceable and rechargeable device with a big 4.5ml vape juice capacity with nicotine levels of 5%, and 3% in a variety of flavors. For a smoker with several years of vaping experience like me, around 1600 puffs are more than enough to get through my day. When I run out of it on a vacation, I simply replace the cartridges to maintain the taste and the smoothness of the smoke.

Whether you believe it or not, there’s one thing I can confirm if you are just a starter, VAAL 1600C Disposable is still a great option to save you from some tedious steps when oils run out. It stands out at any event by providing the most affordable price for the most premium sessions.

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