WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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VAAL Max Sub-Ohm Disposable Vape Review

By Shengwei Guan 7 months ago 248 Views No comments

A sub-ohm disposable vape device called the Vaal Max combines the advantages of a disposable vape and a vape mod into a single gadget. Similar to a sub-ohm vape tank with a portable, prefilled vape device, this innovative new product offers incredible flavor output. This vape is extremely unique and unlike any other on the market right now.

I was amazed by how different the Vaal Max appeared from every other disposable on the market when I immediately opened the plastic tube container it was packaged in. The disposable's artwork looks cool and is reminiscent of the graffiti you may encounter in a big city. I had developed the habit of palming the pink or baby blue light-up disposable that I was vaping.

The Vaal Max is delivered in a tube made of polypropylene. Remove the shrink wrap, pop the lid, and the vape will come out. After removing the vaporizer, you must remove the sticker on the bottom and the plug from the top. I was able to start puffing right out of the tube because it arrived fully charged.

The Vaal Max can be recharged and contains a USB-C quick charger slot (not included). On the bottom, there is an air intake hole. I discovered that by holding my finger over the hole and releasing it as I exhaled, I could obtain a flavor burst that was stronger and more potent.

Everyone can find something they like among the flavors. There are excellent combination favors like Gummy Candy and Cotton Candy, a good tobacco, a good mint, fruit flavors (some iced), etc.


Dual Mesh Coil: Innovative built-in mesh coil sub-ohm delivery system
Battery Capacity: 850mAh
Coil resistance: 0.7ohm (dual-mesh) coil that provides unparalleled flavor
WideWick™: Revolutionary e-Liquid intake and lock-in mechanisms
E-Liquid: 8ml
Nicotine Level: 17mg (1.7%)
Charging: USB-C quick charge (not included)
DL: Ideal for Direct Lung Hits


The flavor variety for the VaalMax disposables is excellent from VAAL. There is something for everyone among the 16 vibrant and delectable tastes. Fruity, frosty, and sweet flavor profiles are all covered by VaalMax. Even a fantastic tobacco flavor is available to you.

Blueberry Ice

A sweet blueberry and a cooling mint are combined in the Blueberry Ice Vaal Max. On inhalation, you'll taste luscious blueberries, and on exhalation, you'll taste chilly mint. One of the best fruit and ice disposable vaporizer flavors we've ever experienced.


For vapers who enjoy a traditional tobacco vape, the Tobacco Vaal Max vape has a strong tobacco flavor that is perfect. For vapers who find themselves in a region with a flavor prohibition regulation that forces them to utilize tobacco-only flavors, this vape flavor is also useful.

Banana Ice

Every blow from the Vaal Max Banana Ice dual mesh vape combines the flavors of luscious banana and cold mint. Due to its rechargeable battery and 8ml of vape juice, this fruity vape generally lasts one week for vapers.

Mango Ice

Smooth, tropical mangoes and cool, iced mint flavors are combined in the Mango Ice Vaal Max flavor. This Mango Ice flavor is bursting with flavor and comparable to most other Mango Ice disposables on the market right now, if not better.

Cotton Candy

The 8ml of ultra-sweet cotton candy-flavored vape juice that comes prefilled in the Cotton Candy Vaal Max vape provides a long-lasting tasty vape. Instead of tasting like cotton candy, this Vaal vape flavor has a little more in common with a sweetened blue raspberry flavor.

Peach Mango

Due to the well-balanced combination of tart, sweet, and sour flavors in the Peach Mango blend, it is swiftly growing in popularity as a flavor for disposable vapes. Every puff of your sub-ohm disposable vape delivers a ton of fruity taste thanks to Vaal Max's rendition of peach and mango.


In contrast to many other disposables on the market, the Vaal Max is a really distinctive vaping gadget. Due to the dual-coil mesh coil, which is unsurpassed by its rivals, it offers amazing flavor. Additionally, because of its sub-ohm coil, it has a lower nicotine content, allowing vapers to reduce their nicotine intake while still getting a strong dose. This is unquestionably a must-try for anyone looking to increase the flavor and performance of their disposable vaporizer or who uses a vape mod and wants a simple-to-use device without having to fill or fiddle with a tank.

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